About Us

A labour of love, the Devon Scone Company is the brainchild of Richard Hunt and fiancé Claire Bennett, born out of their desire, some would call it a mission, to provide the ‘proper’ ingredients for a quality Devon cream tea wherever you are.

After quite a few years serving and sampling cream teas, it had become apparent to the food-loving couple that the traditional Devon cream tea was suffering with poor imitations and quality. So one morning over a cup of tea, Richard and Claire decided it was time to change this, and so the Devon Scone Company was born. It is their mission to ensure that the integrity of the classic Devon Cream Tea is preserved.

Starting out with the traditional, hand-made scones, the Devon Scone Company has since expanded into producing home-made jams and preserves to accompany this classic Devon produce to create the perfect Devon Cream Tea experience. Its quality products can be found across the South West in farm shops, delis and tea rooms.

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